Remote Work Agreement Request Form

Employee Name*
Supervisor's Name*

I will use the following Union computers and equipment while working remotely (include asset tag numbers for each item and refer to these numbers when calling ITS for support):

I understand the terms, conditions, and benefits of my employment with Union College (“Union” or “College”) remain unchanged by this Agreement.  

I understand I must always maintain satisfactory job performance, including, among other requirements, continuing to work assigned work hours; responding to all work-related calls, emails, and other messages on a timely basis; completing all work assigned on a timely basis; and complying with all College policies.  

I understand it is my responsibility to establish an appropriate work environment while working away from the Union campus, including one that is free from distractions, is conducive to productive work and connectivity, and does not pose any health or safety risks.  

I understand it is my responsibility to maintain the security and confidentiality of the College’s files, data, and other information while working remotely.  

I understand that technology support provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) will only be for Union-owned equipment and will not be provided for personally owned equipment, including computers, monitors, printers, routers, and other equipment. ITS will provide instructions and guidance for virtual private network (VPN) access to Union systems. 

I understand workers compensation benefits will apply only to injuries arising out of and in the course of employment as defined by New York Workers’ Compensation law, and I am responsible for reporting work-related injuries to my supervisor immediately. I understand Union is not responsible for injuries or property damage unrelated to such work activities that might occur in the remote work setting.  

Other than any additional computers, equipment, or resources delineated below, I understand Union will neither provide nor reimburse me for expenses incurred for working remotely, including home office furnishings, heat, water, electricity, telephone, internet, or other utilities and services; homeowners or renters insurance coverage; and/or computers, equipment, or other resources. Personal tax implications related to working remotely are also my sole responsibility. 

I acknowledge Union may modify or end this Agreement at any time based on student, service, operational, or other needs.

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