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Minerva Funding Request Form

Thank you for your interest in proposing an event through your Minerva House! 

The seven Minerva Houses aim to broaden students' out-of-class experience both academically and socially. This is a place to request funding only for events and you will still need to reserve space through 25live. All funding requests must go through this process in order to be considered (including recurring requests). If you are requesting from a house, the House Council that you are requesting from will review your event funding request at their next council meeting. Students requesting funding are required to attend the House Council meeting in order to have their proposal reviewed (faculty and staff are exempt from this - though welcome to attend if interested!). All proposers will be notified if they were approved following the meeting. Please be sure to plan in advance as requests must be received prior to the meeting in order to be considered.  

If you have specific questions for the house council, you can find the appropriate contact information here

If you are requesting from the Central Office (for a Dinner & Discussion with an outside speaker or some other "outside the norm" request) your proposal will be reviewed by the Central Office and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

For questions for the Central Office (Dean of Minerva Programs or Associate Director of Minerva Programs) questions can be sent to minervaprogram@union.edu

During the Fall 2020 term, Councils will be meeting online via Zoom on a regular basis. Contact your House Co-Chairs for date, time and Zoom information.

  • For the Fall 2020 term, all Minerva events must abide by the Student Group Gathering Guidelines and Policies. Highlights of these policies include:
  • Student group gatherings should not exceed 25 people (including event organizers) without approval from the Dean of Students Office. 
  • All gatherings (indoor and outdoor) must follow the COVID-19 policy and all guidelines related to wearing a mask and social distancing. 
  • Any student group gathering or event that has more than 3 people in attendance must submit an attendance sheet within 24 hours. 
  • No external guests will be permitted to attend any student group gathering on campus. The exception is an invited presenter/vendor who must be approved in advance. 
  • If food is approved at your event, it must be distributed in a "boxed-lunch" style, where all components of each person's food is contained in one box. All food at events must be ordered through Union College Hospitality.

Event & Contact Information

Tell us about the event! What is it about? Will someone be speaking? Who do you expect to attend and what might they get out of coming? This section will help the House Council understand what the event is all about.
Will this event be held in a Minerva House?*
Will this event be aimed specifically at House members?*

Minerva Houses are only allowed to fund one "out of House" event that is open to the campus community per term. If this is not an "out of House" event and if it is not aimed specifically at House members then it is not able to be funded. 

Is this a repeating event?*
You must reserve the space in 25live (https://25live.collegenet.com/union/#home_my25live[0]). The House Council is not responsible if you do not reserve the space for your event.
Event Date/Time*
You must reserve the space in 25live (https://25live.collegenet.com/union/#home_my25live[0]). The House Council is not responsible if you do not reserve the space for your event.
Name of person submitting this form:*
What house are you applying to? (Or Central Office, if appropriate)*
All requests should go to the house that the proposing person is a member of.
Is the person proposing this event a member of the House?*
You are required to apply to your own house for funds unless there is some sort of extenuating circumstances that cause another house to be a more appropriate venue. This must be approved in advance by the House Council or Central Minerva Office in advance.

Only members of the House are allowed to request funds. If you feel you need to apply to a house that is not your own please contact the other house and/or the Central Office to be granted permission.

Which of the Minerva goals does this satisfy?*
Choose all that apply
Is this a Dinner & Discussion?*
Note: Minerva policy dictates that for co-sponsored activities with a student club or organization, a Minerva House will only contribute up to 50% of the total cost.

For clubs/student organizations that receive funding through Student Forum, the Minervas will only fund events after your clubs/student organization funding is exhausted AND after you have requested additional funding from the Student Forum finance committee. For collaborative events where funding is provided, Minerva Houses will only contribute up to 50% of the cost. 

Is this request to cover (wholly or partially) the cost of food?*
Where will you be purchasing food, groceries, or other supplies from from?*
Note that the Minerva Programs Office prefers the use of Dining Services over outside restaurants unless
If purchasing food from a restaurant, please include items from the menu and their respective prices.

House Council Review

Finance Chair Name*
Was the funding request approved or denied?*